The Origins of the Name

I don’t think there’s really anything extraordinary about me– and I don’t mean this in sad way. What I mean to say is that I feel as if I am a lot like other people.

My life is run-of-the-mill; nothing too flashy or exciting. The details of my everyday life won’t keep anyone on the edge of their seat.

I’m a young wife and working professional who spends way too much time watching  TV…

The Office is my favorite TV show. For me, it’s a rare day in which I do not quote from it.

Image result for best office quotes illustrated

The show is  a gold mine of sarcasm, wit, and wisdom. Which is why it should come as no surprise that this blog begins with a quote from one of my favorite characters, Pamela Beesley Halpurt.

If anyone reading this is also a fan of The Office, you probably remember the last line of the show. Pam is speaking to the documentary crew for perhaps the last time, and expressing her original thoughts from the beginning of filming. She found it weird that they picked a boring, mid-west paper company to follow around and film. But in that moment, as she reminisces about the past nine years…and all the ways in which her life changed, and all the memories the crew was able to capture… she says,

“There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things… Isn’t that kind of the point?”

Like Pam, I believe my ordinary life is beautiful.

I think that every life is beautiful.

I think our world, with all its faults and failings, is still beautiful.

I see God…beauty himself… in the ordinary happenings of every day.

And though I  believe this, too easily I forget. I start to love the beauty of the things around me for their own sake… and slowly… slowly… slowly… I become unhappy.

I am fully aware of what causes this slip because it has happened too many times:

a lack of prayer.

How does one find beauty without knowing beauty himself?

I should know better… a cradle Catholic who’s always loved and practiced her faith… who’s had majorly profound experiences in prayer…who has a theology degree and spends a lot of time evangelizing and catechizing, both professionally and as a volunteer… I should know better than to fall back into the same old trap…

…at least that’s what I tell myself. Although, judging from the fact that these thoughts result in my hiding from prayer in shame… it seems most likely that these words are lies from my own personal Screwtape.

But when I turn to Christ– whether it’s been a few days, weeks or months– he restores me. He tells me I am lovely, and though I’ve chased and chosen lesser loves over Him, nothing will ever change the fact that I belong to him.

He takes my faults and failings… and all the lies that I’ve been believing… and he swaps them out with his grace.

That is how this blog got its name. My hope for The Swap, is that it will serve as a reminder, for myself and anyone who wants to follow along, to consciously exchange weakness for grace during the fragile and frustrating moments of every day life.




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